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Hawaii reportedly prepares for nuclear attack amid North Korea rhetoric

Hawaiian officials are reportedly preparing for a nuclear attack by North Korea while trying not to worry residents and tourists.


Kim Jong Un calls Trump "deranged," says he will "pay dearly"

It is unusual for the North Korean leader to issue such a statement in his own name, and it will further escalate the war of words between the adversaries


Trump’s latest sanctions push North Korea further into a corner

President Donald Trump continues to exhaust all non-military options to curb North Korea’s nuclear weapons development, and Thursday he signed an Executive Order that will severely…


North Korea Says Actions May Include Pacific H-Bomb Test

North Korea struck back at U.S. President Donald Trump’s threats to destroy it, with Kim Jong Un warning of the "highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history” and his foreign minister suggesting that could include testing a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean.


Kim Jong Un: 'Deranged' Trump Will 'Pay Dearly' for Threat

Seoul, South Korea (AP) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in an extraordinary and direct rebuke, called President Donald Trump "deranged" and said he will "pay dearly" for his threats, a possible indication of more powerful weapons tests on the horizon.


Trump imposes new sanctions on North Korea; Kim says he will 'tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire'

Kim Jong Un on Thursday reacted angrily to Trump's remarks and actions this week, calling the president a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard” and Trump's earlier speech at the U.N. “unprecedented rude nonsense.”


N. Korea responds to Trump's threat of total destruction


'Rocket man' is awkward Dad Trump's attempt to be cool

What do you do if you have just a single catchphrase -- like, say, "You're fired!" -- and you need something fresh, something resonant, to hold the public's interest? If you are President Trump, you borrow a song title from Elton John -- "Rocket Man" -- and start using it as a nickname for North Kor


NKorea minister calls Trump's threat 'sound of dog barking'

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- North Korea's foreign minister has described as "the sound of a dog barking" President Donald Trump's threat to destroy his country....


North Korea Says Trump’s Threat Akin to 'Sound of a Dog Barking'

North Korea’s foreign minister ridiculed U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to annihilate the isolated state, saying his warning was akin to the sound of a barking dog.


Why Sanctions Against North Korea Are Causing Pain in China

Along China’s border with North Korea, residents are more worried about feeding their families than the possibility of nuclear war.


North Korea: Trump's speech 'a dog barking'

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said Wednesday US President Donald Trump's threat to destroy the hermit kingdom sounded like "a dog barking."


Trump fires back after Clinton calls U.N. speech 'dangerous'

President Trump lashed out at Hillary Clinton on Twitter after his former election opponent called his speech to the United Nations General Assembly “very dark” and “dangerous.”


Winter Olympics chance for 'inter-Korean peace'

South Korean President Moon Jae-in hopes his "audacious plan" for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang can help unite North and South Korea.


Abe Says Kim Jong Un Is Worse Than Any Dictator Since Cold War

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stepped up his rhetoric against North Korea in a speech to the United Nations, saying Kim Jong Un was getting away with worse behavior than any dictator since the end of the Cold War.


Haley: U.N. diplomats like Trump's 'honest' approach to Kim

President Trump’s tough talk regarding the North Korean nuclear threat in his U.N. speech – including referring to dictator Kim Jong Un as “rocket man” and threatening to “totally destroy” the communist nation – has rattled Trump’s critics in establishment med


US allies divided over Trump's threat against North Korea

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Japan urged international unity Wednesday in pressuring North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons, even as another key U.S. ally pushed back against President Donald Trump's threat to "totally destroy" the rogue nation if it attacked....


The Latest: Iran's president slams Trump's UN speech

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The Latest on the U.N. General Assembly (all times local):...


Trump, Clinton criticize each other over North Korea


Would Trump attack North Korea? Here's what we learned from his ‘Rocket Man’ speech at the U.N.

When might Kim Jong Un use nuclear weapons first? If he believes the United States intends to topple his regime.


Trump's trashing of Iran deal poses problems for NK strategy

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - President Donald Trump's threat before the world to obliterate North Korea left no doubt about his determination to stop the communist country's nuclear weapons buildup. His disparagement of the Iran nuclear deal in the same speech offered Pyongyang little hope of a negotiated


Trump warns U.S. may have to 'totally destroy' North Korea

Condemning the “depraved” North Korean regime, the president mocked Kim Jong Un, saying: “’Rocket Man’ is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime." Trump’s stark message came in a speech in which he also sharply criticized China, mildly rebuked Russia, condemned Venezuel


The Latest: President Donald Trump warns North Korea

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Latest on U.S. President Donald Trump at the United Nations (all times local):...


Hillary Clinton gives the UN speech she would have given if she had won

Hillary Clinton appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday and gave her version of the speech she would have given at the United…


Trump Bluntly Threatens to Wipe Out North Korea in UN Debut

President Donald Trump bluntly threatened North Korea with annihilation if it menaces the U.S. or its allies and delivered a provocative argument to leaders of the world that they should embrace nationalism even when confronting collective threats.


US considers targeting North Korean missiles

As tensions continue to ratchet up with North Korea, CNN has learned that the US is considering shooting down a North Korean ballistic missile even if it does not directly threaten the US or its allies.


US considers targeting N. Korean missiles

As tensions continue to ratchet up with North Korea, CNN has learned that the US is considering shooting down a North Korean ballistic missile even if it does not directly threaten the US or its allies.


Trump slams North Korea, Iran deal at U.N.


Trump defends ‘America first’ foreign policy at U.N., threatens to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea

He called on world leaders to rally in the fight to defeat murderous regimes and “loser terrorists.”


Virgil: America First or America Last? Trump Abandons Campaign Promise to Sacrifice More Americans to the Afghanistan Meat Grinder

President Trump has flip-flopped on the war in Afghanistan, in defiance of his campaign promises and also of public opinion. Why the flip-flop? Did the Establishment make him do it? The Deep State? Or both? Meanwhile, we must ask: Does public opinion matter anymore? The answer is yes, but the


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