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Rouhani Defends Iran Nuke Deal at U.N., Calls Trump Speech ‘Ignorant, Absurd, and Hateful’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took a number of veiled shots at U.S. President Donald Trump during his address to the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday without calling Trump out by name. He also dropped a few similarly vague hints about dire consequences if the Iran nuclear deal is abrogated.


Luther Strange Takes Apparent Swipe at Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka During Alabama Senate Debate

Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) took an apparent swipe at two former advisers to President Trump in the Alabama Senate debate Thursday: Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka.


Sarah Palin: Vote for Roy Moore Isn’t Vote Against Trump; It’s a Vote for MAGA Agenda

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said a vote for Alabama grassroots Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore is a vote for the economic nationalist agenda that got President Donald Trump elected and not a vote against Trump himself.


Palin: Moore Victory Will Inspire Other Grassroots Candidates to Challenge ‘Their Own Swamp Creatures’

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told a raucous crowd on Thursday evening that if grassroots Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore defeats D.C. establishment Senator Luther Strange on Tuesday, it will inspire more grassroots candidates across the country to challenge establishment politicians


Roy Moore Slams ‘Rigged’ Prior Debate and Lobbyist Luther Strange for Part in Loss of 4,000 U.S. Jobs

During Thursday night’s contentious Lincoln-Douglas-style debate for a seat in the U.S. Senate, Judge Roy Moore called out former lobbyist Luther Strange for “hypocrisy” and being a part of the D.C. swamp that helped kill thousands of United States jobs.


Low Energy: Luther Strange Reminds Audience ‘The President Picked Me’ Some 28 Times

Luther Strange spent much of his time during a debate with Judge Roy Moore Thursday evening touting what he called his “close, personal friendship” with President Donald Trump, who has endorsed his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.


Spicer: A blanket apology is 'not happening'

Sean Spicer doesn't believe he ever lied to the American people during his time as White House press secretary, he told ABC's "Good Morning America" Thursday.


Mueller seeks documents on Trump's firings

Special counsel Robert Mueller has requested documents and information covering a range of events from President Donald Trump's White House, including two firings and an Oval Office meeting, sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.


Trump praises health care of nonexistent country

President Donald Trump lavished praise on the health care system of Nambia during a speech at the United Nations. But there's one little problem -- there's no such country.


Trudeau's rallies for climate fight, digs at the US

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered a rallying cry Thursday for the fight against climate change and an implicit rebuke to President Donald Trump, who has announced his intention to pull the US from the Paris agreement to slow global warming.


South Korea's Moon to North: Abandon nuclear

South Korean President Moon Jae-in told the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday that his country did not want to see the "collapse" of North Korea and urged Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear program.


Trump's approval rating rises to 40%

President Donald Trump's approval rating has once again reached 40%, while earning high marks for his handling of the government's response to recent hurricanes, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.


Russia, China push back on a US-led world

Russia and China challenged the United States' global leadership in United Nations speeches peppered with bare-knuckled criticism of the Trump administration's hostility toward Iran, its "military hysteria" over North Korea, and its approach to the rest of the world.


Murderer sues Kansas prison for 'imposing Christian beliefs'

A female convicted murderer in Kansas filed a lawsuit this week, alleging that prison officials have been “imposing Christian beliefs” on her and other inmates.


Trump judicial pick's remarks on transgender children draw Dems' ire

A Texas federal judge nominee who once called transgender children an evidence of “Satan’s plan” will face tough questions at a confirmation hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee later this year.


Hawaii reportedly prepares for nuclear attack amid North Korea rhetoric

Hawaiian officials are reportedly preparing for a nuclear attack by North Korea while trying not to worry residents and tourists.


Macron says Iran nuclear deal no longer enough

France's President Emmanuel Macron declared Wednesday that the Iran nuclear deal is no longer a sufficient safeguard against the growing power that Tehran wields in its region. "We need the 2015 accord," he said of the agreement. Macron was speaking in New York on the sidelines of the UN General A


Tiffany Trump faces her father's political adversaries, Sally Yates and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in law school career

In Tiffany Trump's first few weeks at George Law, she's shared the campus with some of the president's most renowned critics -- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.


Haley says she doesn't want Tillerson's job


Grassley asks FBI if it warned Trump campaign about Russia


CEO's bonus slashed after vulgar Kathy Griffin rant


Trump-backed Ala. Senate candidate boasts of endorsement


Videos show protesters at NY Erdogan speech punched, hit while being removed


Hurricane Maria targets Turks and Caicos as Puerto Rico left without power


Kim Jong Un calls Trump "deranged," says he will "pay dearly"

It is unusual for the North Korean leader to issue such a statement in his own name, and it will further escalate the war of words between the adversaries


Facebook to reveal Russian election ads

Tech giant was under significant criticism for how it may have allowed Russians to affect the election outcome


Sean Spicer's notes draw attention of special counsel

Robert Mueller's Russia investigation cast a wide net for documents. Could they include the Spicer files?


Is the US solar industry about to tear itself apart?

The fast-growing US solar industry is at odds with itself - and the decision may be left to Trump.


Trump supersizes America’s most famous aeroplane

Trump's Air Force One is similar to the one that Obama flew. But plans for a bigger one are now under way.


Where is 'Nambia'? President Trump 'invents' African country

Speaking at a UN conference, US President Donald Trump appears to invent a whole new African nation.


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